Cacolac Original

Original cans sold in packs of 6 cans 25 cl or individually in the children’s drinks department.
Collector can sold individually in the drinks or snacking department.

CACOLAC ORIGINAL - Milkchocolate drink

In 25 cl can 100% recyclable for teens and anyone who wants a nomadic format to take his Cacolac everywhere.


The original recipe is also available in collector’s version.

Milkchocolate drink at 10G MG/L sterilized

Ingredients :

Milk from France at 8g MG/L ( 92.1%), sugar, cocoa (1.2%), stabilizers : sodium acid carbonate, carrageenan.

A healthy and replenishing drink.
Provides ¼ of the AJR in calcium and phosphorus (AJR = Recommended Daily Intakes)

Nutrition facts (for 100ml) :

Calories275kJ / 65 kcal
Total fat1g
Saturated fat0,5g
Total sugars11g
Added sugars11g
Phosphorus120 MG ( 15% RNV*)
Potassium110 MG ( 16% RNV*)
*Reference nutritional value