The company

CACOLAC is a French company, independent and family run by Christian Maviel descendant of the founding family.

CACOLAC is a specialist in cocoa flavoured milk with multiple flavours and is located in Léognan in the Bordeaux region (33).

Today, it employs 51 employees and produces more than 50,000,000 bottles and cans each year, including 20,000,000 milk drinks dedicated to its brand.

The production

The original recipe has remained unchanged since 1954: made from a tasty combination of milk (mostly directly from the Lot-et-Garonne) and cocoa still from the same supplier for more than 60 years, to which is added the right amount of sugar.

It is only once bottled or canned, that this delicious chocolate mixture is sterilized after a slow rise in temperature, expertly dosed to obtain its texture and its unmistakable caramelized taste.

Cacolac Team