Our story


Two families, the LAUSEIG and the LANNELUC, join forces to create LA BENAUGE DAIRY and supply the entire Bordeaux region with dairy products. The company is dynamic and regularly launches new products: sterilized milk, yogurt, fresh cheeses and whipped cream «La Chantilly de Fontainebleau»


After a trip to Holland, Robert LAUSEIG had the idea of mixing cocoa and sugar with milk before sterilizing it. It is the birth certificate of the product and the Cacolac brand. The flavoured milk drink quickly became famous thanks to the itinerant vans that crisscrossed the surrounding towns and villages. Cacolac is also beginning to be distributed in bars and cafes through beer and lemonade dispensers.


CACOLAC is the company’s flagship product, which sells its dairy to CHAMBOURCY. CACOLAC SAS is created. Glass packaging is preferred.


The queen of milkchocolate drinks launches her first advertising campaign and now plays in the big leagues.


To cope with ever greater demand, the company decided to build a factory, famous for its imposing sterilization tower, on the site of the Benauge, right bank of the Garonne. The CACOLAC, which can now be packaged in a can, first in steel and then in aluminium, sets off to conquer large areas.


Inspired by the sea air, Cacolac sets sail with skipper Yves Parlier and sponsors him.


We change century but no recipe, Cacolac opens its new factory in Léognan.


For its fiftieth anniversary Cacolac in partnership with Danone makes its appearance in the fresh shelves in the form of a brick.


Cacolac is available in more gourmet recipes than the others.


Cacolac celebrates its 60th anniversary and treats gourmets by launching its Cacolac praline hazelnut recognized flavor of the year.


Always more greedy with the caramel Cacolac, here the sugar is replaced by delicious caramels with fresh cream Dupont d'Isigny.


Cacolac listening to its consumers launches 2 new organic products: Drinking chocolate and trying coffee color.


CACOLAC MINI in can is approved by families 2018: A label that rewards the best products and services for children. Children also have their Cacolac with this new look in a 15 cl can.


Cacolac becomes 100% family again! Its President, Christian Maviel, a member of the co-founder family, takes control of its entire capital. On the occasion of its 65 years, Cacolac launches a collector’s can, on which is printed one of the first advertising visuals of the brand, in the graphic style of the 50s. A vintage limited edition that is popular with consumers and receives the 2019 Public Gold Can Award


Cacolac is back in school with «Mon premier Cacolac». For the first time, it is available in 20 cl nomadic Tetra Pak brick, recyclable and perfectly resistant! «Mon premier Cacolac» is of course with chocolate, the favorite fragrance of children, without colouring, preservatives and controversial additive. It is also lactose free to facilitate digestion and contains 30% less sugars than other flavored milks!


To vary the pleasures and snacks of children Mon premier Cacolac completes its range of two recipes with fruity scents with Mon premier Cacolac with Strawberry and Tropical Fruits: 2 recipes that contain 97% milk, They are lactose free to facilitate digestion and still contain less than 30% sugars than other flavoured milks.
In order to reduce the environmental impact of its packaging, Mon 1er Cacolac now have a paper straw and are made up of 86% of raw materials of vegetable origin.
The result: Less carbon emissions while remaining fully recyclable.
Always anxious to accompany the family at every moment of the day Cacolac launches its chocolate version in 1L Brick.
Cacolac offers its original Cacolac Mini in 2 fragrances: Hazelnuts Flavour and Caramel in 15 cl aluminum can. The right dose for the most greedy children, but that parents reassure themselves, the two recipes are Nutriscore A with 30% less sugars.