Our commitments

Commitment #3 : Taking Action for the Environment


All packaging waste used in the manufacture of our products is sorted and recycled. The water used to manufacture our products is reused for cleaning our tool.

Our packaging are entirely recyclable

Our aluminum cans:
Made with permanent materials, the cans allow an infinite recycling cycle without loss of quality. This is a perfect example of a circular economy.

Our glass bottles:
Glass bottles are also infinitely recyclable. Made from natural and abundant raw materials, glass is a durable packaging material.

Our Tetra Pak® Bricks:
The Mon 1er Cacolac range in 20 cl brick is offered in a Tetra Pak® package, made up of 86% raw materials of vegetable origin. Using more renewable materials reduces the environmental impact of the brick.
The result? Less carbon emissions while remaining fully recyclable.
Biosourced plastic is made from sugarcane juice, conferring on the packaging a 22% lower carbon footprint than its standard packaging. A reduction measured throughout the packaging life cycle and certified by Carbon Trust™.

This brick remains fully recyclable, in the existing sorting lines. Once sorted by consumers it benefits from a second life.

The straw is now made of paper, thus completing our eco-responsible approach.”