Cacolac Mini Chocolate-Hazelnut Flavour

Cacolac choco noisette
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Sold in packs of 4 15cl cans or individually in the kids drinks department

Cacolac choco noisette

Cacolac Mini Chocolate Hazelnut Flavour

(15 cl can)
In small format, a 100% recyclable 15 cl can this format has all the assets to seduce children AND parents. Its gourmet flavour of Chocolate and Hazelnut and its playful design seduce children, and its recipe Nutriscore A with 30% less sugars parents

Milk from France at 8 g MG/L

Ingredients :

Milk from France at 8 g MG/L ( 95%), chocolate powder (sugar, cocoa) (4.6%), natural flavours, stabilizer: sodium acid carbonate.
A healthy and replenishing drink with simple ingredients.
Source of phosphorus and calcium.
30% less sugar (compared to market flavoured milks).

Nutrition facts (for 100ml) :

Calories245Kj / 58 kcal
Total fat1g
Saturated fat0.7g
Total sugars8g
Added sugars7.7g
Calcium126 MG ( 16% RNV*)
Phosphorus103 MG ( 15 % RNV*)
*Reference nutritional value